Urban Flight

The highest-rated custom campaign for Valve's Left 4 Dead 2.

Urban Flight features four long maps packed with detailed environments, dynamic pathways, a unique multi-stage finale, plus surprising and dramatic encounters such as:

  • An exploding tanker truck
  • A destroyed saferoom that has a 50% chance to spawn a Tank
  • A collapsing radio antenna
  • Collapsing staircases
  • and more!

It includes custom textures, models, audio, and even a new skin for the Tank during the finale. It was developed over a year and half, and supported with improvements and bug fixes for almost two years after that.

With a 5-stars from over 15,000 positive ratings, it is the highest-rated campaign on the Steam Workshop.

Supports co-op, versus, survival, and scavenge game modes.


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The making of Urban Flight

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